PLNet strives to ensure upgrades to our infrastructure continue to meet the growth in demand for capacity and performance.  However, we are aware that clients have been experiencing intermittent slow Internet response.

PLNet has experienced a 30 to 40 per cent growth annually. Last year, we upgraded both the Victoria and Vancouver Internet circuits from one Gigabit (Gb) to two Gb per second to increase capacity and performance levels.  Since then, growth has further increased by nearly 60 per cent.  The additional traffic can consume both Internet links during prime-time, impacting the performance for data traffic sent to and from the Internet or public-facing services.  Both links are running at nearly two GB per second each during the hours between 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Services Not Affected:

BCeSIS access is not affected by Internet Gateway performance problems. BCeSIS servers are directly connected to PLNet, so access bypasses the Internet Gateway.

Provincial Exams are also unaffected. The Provincial Exam service provider’s network is directly connected to PLNet, so access bypasses the Internet Gateway.

What PLNet is doing:

·         Routing and caching services in Victoria and Vancouver have been modified to improve Internet response.

·         PLNet has engaged hardware vendors and network suppliers to develop additional strategies to improve performance.  

·         PLNet plans to upgrade the Victoria and Vancouver Internet capacities from 2 Gb/sec to 10 Gb/sec over the coming months.  Tentatively, Vancouver will be upgraded in July, and Victoria will be upgraded in the September/October timeframe.

·         Websense (caching) servers will be upgraded in July.

·         The Province has signed a contract with Akamai to install content caching servers onto PLNet. Akamai servers provide a local cache of many popular websites, which will improve response time and further decrease load on the Internet Gateway. Akamai will also be installed in July.


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