E-mail service restored

On July 13, 2011 By

E-mail service has been restored. We apologize for the downtime caused by a hardware failure. The delay in restoring the backup was because we had to revert to an off-site backup, and wanted to ensure the integrity of data.

Please call 250-633-2937 or extension 4357 if you have any questions.

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E-mail server offline

On July 12, 2011 By

Due to a hardware failure, our e-mail service is currently offline.

We are replacing hardware, and restoring a backup. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming process, to insure complete data integrity. We are working as fast we can, but do not anticipate restored service before Wednesday, July 13.

We will post updates here when we have […]

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PLNet Internet Gateway

On June 7, 2011 By

PLNet strives to ensure upgrades to our infrastructure continue to meet the growth in demand for capacity and performance.  However, we are aware that clients have been experiencing intermittent slow Internet response.

PLNet has experienced a 30 to 40 per cent growth annually. Last year, we upgraded both the Victoria and Vancouver Internet circuits […]

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Slow Internet Access

On June 6, 2011 By

As of this morning we have confirmed that there is a connection issue causing slow internet speeds. We are aware of it, and as it limits our internet speed, it does not affect the speed of our internal network. We will inform you when this problem is resolved.

Update: The slow internet access continues today, […]

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Firstclass server

On June 3, 2011 By

Thanks to Doug Livingston for report an issue replying to emails. We discovered the firstclass server was out of disk space. We have resolved the issue by allocating a larger amount of disk space.
Thanks Andrew

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Internet will be disrupted on 2011-06-05 6am to 1pm for PLNet maintenance.

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A network interruption was reported to the Tech Department this morning. After investigating, we reported to PLnet that GES, AAMES, and NBES were all offline. This meant that telephone and internet access wasn’t working for students and staff at these schools.

Service was restored in the early afternoon.

Just a reminder that you can report […]

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We’re upgrading our network this summer. All laptops must be imaged before August 1st, 2011, or they will no longer work properly.

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